about Autonomus

May 8th, 2017Posted by Marius Tannum


Engineering students at HSN have developed Autonomus over the last 5 years as bachelor thesis. Different solutions for the sail rig, rudder and sailing algorithms has been tested, and now the sailboat is able to maneuver to defined GPS coordinates. 

The owner of 9tek and sailing enthusiast, Terje Nilsen, initiated the challenging project and donated the sailboat for the purpose of developing an autonomus sailboat that can one day successfully cross the Atlantic Ocean in the Micro Transat challenge.

Future Project goals

  • Include awareness of coastline and other vessels
  • Further improvement of the sailing algorithm
  • More robust mechanical solutions 
  • Include LiDAR for obstacle detection
  • Long distance sailing with payload and surveillance objectives
  • Develop a platform for autonomus product development and industrialisation

goals met

  • Improved sailing algorithm 
  • Porting PLC code to an embedded controller 
  • More robust mechanical solutions 
  • Sail across the Oslo fjord (Horten-Moss) 
  • Compete in the World Robotic Sailing Championship (WRSC 2015